Trees Available

LMA recently received this from the Citizens Committee for New York City; Pinky Vincent is their Director of External Affairs:

Wish your block were tree-lined? Have a great location in the neighborhood in mind for a tree? Let us know! Citizens Committee for New York City is partnering with The MillionTreesNYC campaign to ensure that neighborhoods across the city get trees. We’ll provide the trees, supplies and training if you and your neighbors, colleagues and friends are wiling to provide the volunteer hours needed to plant and care for the trees. If you are interested, please answer the following questions and contact Pinky Vincent at 212-989-0909 or by email at:

*How many trees are you requesting?
*Do you have volunteers who would be willing to plant and take care for them? Would they be willing to attend a free training?
*Street address of the building nearest to where the tree(s) will be planted (if several, please list the block intersections)
*Are there existing tree pits? (yes/no)
*( If no, you can request tree pits at Street Tree Planting in New York City )
*If yes, is the tree pit empty? (yes/no)
*Or, does the tree pit have a stump or a dead tree that needs to be removed? (yes/no, specify)
*Is there a vault beneath the sidewalk (i.e., is the sidewalk hollow)?

More Information about the trees:

a. they come in a 5 gallon container, easy enough to transport
b. they arrive approximately 5 feet high, 1 inch diameter (they grow to about 50-60 feet depending on species)
c. No saplings available
d. homeowners may request a flowering or shady tree but the decision ultimately remains with the forester (no guarantees).
e. it doesn’t matter where the homeowner wants to plant the tree (front or back yard)
f. The Citizen’s Committee will help with obtaining permits to plant them as street trees
g. the trees will be available starting in March, for Spring planting

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