Rutland Road Readers featured on
The New York Times City Room Blog

Rutland Road Block Party Potluck SupperThe New York Times visits PLG again today, with an article about the Rutland Road Readers on their City Room Blog. In the post, several of the group’s sixteen members, all of whom live on Rutland 2, discuss how they joined the group, how it works, and the sense of community they have found with it.
Emma Straub says,

I grew up on the Upper West Side and didn’t know more than a handful of people. After a month on the block, I know everybody.

Pam Glaser tells how she was asked to join before she had even moved in during a going-away party for the departing owners.

When I had just gotten into the party I was already being told: ‘We’re reading “Anna Karenina“; you better get started. It’s a long book.‘

The idea for the book club came up during the annual Rutland 2 block party in 2005, while sharing their block-long potluck supper. The group had their first meeting (On Beauty by Zadie Smith) a couple of months later, and has been meeting almost monthly ever since.

Photo by Martin Friedman.

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