Farm Fresh Organic Food Delivered to PLG Residents

Thanks to the Prospect Lefferts Gardens Community Supported Agriculture project, members of the PLG community now have the option to enjoy affordable, fresh-picked organic vegetables during the growing season. Many PlG residents have joined the group and now receive their vegetables each Tuesday at the local distribution point. The CSA project was started 4 years ago by neighbors looking for a convenient way to bring healty, fresh vegetables to their tables.

Prospect Lefferts Garden CSA Distribution DayProspect Lefferts Gardens Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between people in our Brooklyn neighborhood and Woodbridge Farm in Connecticut. In the spring, members purchase a “share” in the farm. This gives the farmers much needed financing for purchasing seeds and other supplies. In return, the farm delivers a portion of the harvest to members every week throughout the growing season, from late May through early November. Members get a variety of vegetables throughout the season, all organic and freshly picked.

In addition to vegetables, shares in fruits are available.  There are also add-ons for dairy products and pasta, and special orders for beef and pork products are available.

For more information and details about the PLG Community Supported Agriculture project visit their website at

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